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Powered by Kifiya

Global Computing Solutions (GCS) was established 1995, developing expertise in the delivery of reliable IT infrastructure. For over 10 years, GCS  has worked on large-scale projects with the Government of Ethiopia. In 2010, Kifiya was established by the founders of GCS to focus on delivering business technology solutions.

Under the management of Kifiya, Lehulu has been able to streamline payment methods, reducing bill collection costs for utility companies while improving customer service. This frees the utility companies to concentrate on their core business activities.

Each Lehulu center is monitored from the central Kifiya Operations headquarters, where individual transactions and staff performance are compared with forecast targets. Online communications with each Lehulu center allow managers to redirect customers to less-congested centers in the event that capacity is exceeded.

Kifiya has undertaken experience-sharing visits in South Africa, Kenya and India, and has researched similar successful models in India, Mexico and Malaysia.

Kifiya commissioned one of the world’s leading Bill Payment technology providers, Wipro Consulting Services, to work closely with the three Utility companies to develop a robust IT Platform.

Through the Lehulu project and other high-technology solutions, Kifiya is leading the way in building financial infrastructure and products to support financial inclusion for all Ethiopians.

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